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Feeling extremely anxious about?????

Feeling extremely anxious about?????


Lately, I have been feeling more anxious than usual. Not being able to sleep well for the past week. However, it has significantly improved with lavender oil and ashwagandha. In addition to that, work has been very stressful and somewhat unbearable. I keep pushing myself because  I want a better life for myself. I keep suppressing my feelings by telling myself “I’m okay,” but I don’t feel like I will ever be okay. I wish I could stop my anxiety attacks. I wish I could be somewhat “normal.” I wish I have  the ability and strength to accept and deal with my struggles every single time. I wish I can stop beating myself up. So many wishes! but I wouldn’t be a stronger version of myself without my down times.

Maybe I’m anxious about school resuming in the fall? I have been feeling super mega apprehensive about it. I know it’s not a healthy way to live, but I feel like anxiety has made that choice for me. I know I will not always have the ability to fight it at all times, but I am discovering how to.

My goal this month is to learn how to manage work stress. Anxiety and work stress has been terrible to deal with this week. Also troubling about any, and everything is apparently not helping me but, I have been feeling so DEFEATED and unable to utilize my coping skills.
I’m looking forward to speaking with my therapist this week. Hopefully, I can find a better way to deal with any form of work stress even when I’m feeling defeated.

P.S Anxiety is. a B.I..T.C.H I don’t like.


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